Boise State coach Chris Petersen today publicly addressed a recent story about crime in college football.

The story (" target="_blank">here) said 16 Boise State players have been charged with a crime, tied for fourth among preseason top 25 teams. Many were alcohol-related offenses, and Petersen stressed that there have been just two incidents in his tenure where a player did something possibly worthy of being booted from the team.

“I'm really disappointed in that article. The reason why is that it paints the perception of something that's very different than what goes on here, and I think the players know that, the coaches know that, our administration knows that and the police around here know that.”

“The people I feel bad for in this thing is our fans. When you see something like that, you're like 'wow.' I saw it, going 'wow, what's going on?' and that's not how it is.”

“I think perception is important. We take that very serious. We want to win, no question about it, but we're going to win with style, class and integrity.”

“You're not going to win the games we've won and graduate kids if you're not running a tight ship.”

“I think it's hard to do background checks when we recruit. I think we do more background research on college students in general than most everybody that's out there, I promise you that. We know more about our guys coming in than Boise State knows about 99 percent of (incoming students).”

“In six years, I think we've had two things that I really felt crossed the line and kids were close to losing their scholarships.”

“They know there's going to be some stiff consequences if they're underage or of age and don't act properly with (alcohol).”

“When you've got 100 guys, you're going to have some issues. We're not living in fantasy land here, and I know we'll have issues in the future. It's the toughest, hardest, most miserable part of the job, but it's also the most important part of the job, to make sure that's correct, the discipline is in line, that if guys get out of line, we'll get them back in line.”

“I think we do pretty well. Can we get better? Yeah, we're working all the time to get better. I think the other thing's that frustrating about the report is that I don't think we're comparing apples to apples, that's all I want to say about that.”

“It looked like crime and criminals, these are the programs that are out of control. That's the perception I get, and I'm in this business.”

“I can't tell you how many guys we reject every year. We reject 10 times as many as we take, from doing our research. You figure out some things very quickly, whether a kid's a good kid or not, from all the people we talk to.”

“Nothing goes away here. The thing I feel bad about is that we can't do a lot of this private. They've got to be put in the newspaper ... they get it way worse than any normal college kid.”

“It's hard enough what we put them through, let alone the public humiliation and this type of stuff.”

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