BOISE - Before deciding on the design unveiled Tuesday at Taco Bell Arena for their new basketball floor, Boise State coaches and athletic department officials discussed the possibility of using an all-blue court similar to the blue turf at Bronco Stadium.

Men’s basketball coach Leon Rice confirmed Tuesday that one of the designs they considered was an all-blue look that would have mirrored the field made famous by the Boise State football team.

“We mocked one up, no question, but I’m a little bit more of a traditionalist,” Rice said Tuesday. “I don’t know if I could have walked on that every day. I would have probably gotten a little dizzy.”

The school eventually decided against the blue court, instead going with a design that features blue inside the free throw paint area and the school’s new blue and orange athletic logo at midcourt.

The area inside the three-point line not already shaded in blue was painted a much lighter wood color than the rest of the court, done to symbolize the design of the courts used in the NCAA Tournament.

The two Mountain West Conference logos placed on the court have also been repainted with blue and orange to better fit the court’s appearance. The words ‘Boise State’ also appear on both baselines after the previous design had ‘Broncos’ at one end.

“It’s terrific,” Rice said. “It came out better than I could hope for. It looks really good. I think it’s going to show up really well on TV. Kids are going to like it and it’s going to be a fun court to play on.

“You look around the nation and a lot of pro teams are doing this. The NCAA Tournament, this is exactly how they do it and I thought that was important that we have that, and for us, with the way we play and as many three’s as we like to take, I think its kind of nice that it shows you where it is pretty clearly.”

The new court also features a thick blue trim around the outside edges of the court. The previous court had no border whatsoever, making it difficult for fans to tell whether or not a player was out of bounds.

Athletic director Mark Coyle, women’s basketball coach Gordy Presnell and Rice all teamed to discuss and design the new court, which arrived by truck Monday morning and was placed on the Taco Bell Arena floor later that afternoon.

“It was just the right time,” Rice said. “ It needed the updating. The old floor was great and looked good but I think this is really, really going to be special on TV and it matches this arena very well. It brings us into this more modern era of basketball a little bit and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out.”

  • B.J Rains covers Boise State athletics for the Idaho Press-Tribune. He also makes daily appearances on ESPN Boise.


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