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CALDWELL — Toni Waters, challenger in the election for the Caldwell School Board’s Zone 2 seat, will contest the results of the May 19 election, Waters said Wednesday.

7 common practices that may be destroying your lawn
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Although most homeowners want a beautiful yard, many common practices are actually bad for the lawn. Here are seven ways people are unintentionally ruining their lawns.

ADA COUNTY — Bureau of Land Management investigators are seeking the public’s help to identify who left several animal carcasses in an area just south of Nicholson Road in Ada County, bureau spokesman Don Smurthwaite said Wednesday.

DAYVILLE, Oregon — A Caldwell man faces a charge of driving under the influence of drugs after rolling his vehicle just after 7:30 p.m. Tuesday on Highway 26 in Grant County, Oregon, according to Oregon State Police officials.

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